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The Rules

Law -1.

Logging channel conversations and releasing text publicly is STRICTLY DISALLOWED. What happens in the channel, stays in the channel and dies in the channel. You may log privately for your own viewing pleasure, of course.

Law 0.

There is no anonymity on #hackers-india. Everyone knows everyone else. Go to ##linux-india if you want to be anonymous. Here's how you fix anonymity:
- We run a bot called chaddi_buddy.
- Ask on the channel how to add your introduction to the bot.
- Bazinga.

Law 1.

You can't join the channel and just sit there like a douche. You have to contribute socially to the channel. You can't idle and keep logging conversations. You do that and we kick your butt.

Law 2.

#hackers-india is a community, if you don't want to be a part of it, you're not welcome. If you don't like how we're rude, gtfo. If you think we're egotistic, gtfo. If you think we're awesome, thanks, now gtfo. If you think you can change how things work here, you can't. GTFO.

Law 3.

As you may have noticed, there are no rules against abusive language, or the content of flaming and trolling. However, we don't like repetition. Say whatever you want, just don't start looping it like a stuck mixtape. Your mom doesn't like it.

Law 4.

We don't care which country you come from, what clothes you wear, the food you eat, the species you belong to or the planet you call home. We're hackers-INDIA because the people who started it are Indians. Everything else, is NULL, None, nil, Nothing and [ ].

Law 5.

Don't troll or flame those who can't defend themselves.
All trolling is for the lulz, if it's not lulz anymore, you will be annihilated. Bonus points if you defend the meek.

Law ∞.

We're gonna keep adding more rules so watch this space. MUAHAHAHA we're not anarchists.

Note: As such, there are no operators. If you think something is very seriously wrong, email pratulkalia at gmail.com.
You might get ignored, or you might get cardboard boxes for your birthday. SURPRISE!